miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

African Descent and the feeling of being in the middle of society

Today in the 21st century the word African descent are still used as a qualifier negative in some third world countries, but I wish it were the owner of the newspaper instead that description takes more strength in industrialized countries where they formed groups that are organized to eliminate the inferior race called the so-called neo-Nazis, that's how I saw the world at the beginning of this century, but not everything in nature is always there for a small fee or balance to prove it even atoms.That glimmer of hope appeared on January 20, 2009 when I witnessed a historic possession of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, my soul was filled with hope because I know how it feels to be of African descent, that those in the middle of society are neither poor nor rich are the middle class, to compare, that society before birth puts you in that place even if you do not want to take you to be there for the color of your skin Your genetic inheritance or economic.An African Descent has an American citizen but in his own country does not occupy the most important of which is economic power, political power or power in the Catholic Church worldwide, the only way is to be a movie star musician, athlete or TV presenter but President Obama changes all this is the first Afro-descendant to occupy one of the most important positions in the world that inspires me to feel a very deep appreciation and admiration for Obama also helps me write books and perhaps wildest dream projects now.Knowing that as a middle-class African Descent worked to change their world and achieve what imaginable, especially when America has a conservative culture he opened the door for the future, so that decisions are made in the world, this step is the most important of the century because when you're in the middle of society, the opportunities are very limited in Bolivia to be in the middle means that your blood runs native DNA and DNA that are European and purebred take the power according to turn they touched, we are now in my native country where they have control may have been a necessity to advance but the future of humanity is the step that gave Barack Obama.In my country has to be the next step, the next president of Bolivia is one of the middle class who had to fight to change their future by following the example Obama planted in my soul and inspires me to write and follow his example in change my future because the American dream if Obama made it happen today with his effort and especially the secret of great self-discipline that feature much only has 1% of world population and those people transcend history and leave a legacy that lasts forever in the history of the largest, Obama is up to Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler as they fought for their dreams and succeed, and passed into immortality, so far we inspire and make us dream, but as humans we make mistakes but also transcend, for better or for worse.
Julio Cesar Ballesteros Velasquez

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